The air we breathe is full of contaminants and other harmful particles. PM2.5 particles are all round you and they can literally be deadly! The Pure Air Pod 1 DESTROYS PM2.5 particles and all other contaminants completely - leaving only pure air! 


Pure Air Pods clean the air around you, and remove 99.99% of airborne contaminants using the methods below: 


  • A built-in Negative Ionizer that attracts particles of PM2.5 and destroys them completely by creating 3 million anions!
  • A True HEPA filter 
  • Primary AC filter
  • 360 Degree Barrel filter 


When all of the filter methods above are combined, they will remove: smoke, hair, dust, mites, other particles such as large particulate pollutants. The Pure Air Pod 1 absorbs and decomposes organic chemical pollution!


Pure Air Pod 1

  • Product Details

    The Pure Air Pod 1 is controlled by "simple hand gestures", so there is no need to touch buttons or knobs. It has 4 built-in LED's that change colour constantly depending on the air quality below:

    1. BLUE = EXCELLENT air quality
    2. YELLOW = GOOD air quality
    3. ORANGE = MODERATE haze
    4. RED = HEAVY haze

    A bright and easy to read LED digital screen also displays constant air quality updates, temperature, humidity and fan speed.

    ​​​​​​​Quality assured - the built-in temperature sensor is Swiss made and the dust sensor is made by SHARP technologies Japan. 

    Our Pure Air Pod 1 is great for the car, caravan, home or office and looks amazing! 

    Available in Black & Silver. 

    • Very easy to use 

    • Hand gesture controls - no buttons or knobs

    • Built-in Aromatherapy port 

    • Built-in USB port so you can charge external devices on the go 

    • TOUGH Aluminium + ABS construction (less fingerprints)

    • Perfect for the car, home or office - up to 10m3! 

    • Fits perfectly in a car cup holder

    • Available in BLACK or SILVER 

    • Eliminates: 99.99% of airborne dust and pollutants 

    • HEPA filter (washable for re-use OR replace after 500 hours if needed - YES we stock new filters for $15 each or 3 for $30)

    • Primary AC filter 

    • 360 deg barrel filter

    • colour changing LED lights that display the air quality 

    • LED digital screen with constant air quality updates etc 

    • Swiss made temperature and humidity sensor 

    • Dust sensor by "SHARP" technologies 

    • Dimensions: Height 167mm X Diameter 68mm 

    • Noise level: 38db 

    • Weighs 1 kilo 

  • Aromatherapy Pad

    Open the Pure Air Pod 1 and you will discover a built-in aromatherapy port. 

    Simply add a few drops of your favourite oil to the foam pad and create a lovely aroma wherever you are.


  • USB Port

    The Pure Air Pod 1 also has a very handy USB port on one side, so you can charge items on the go even if you only have one USB port being used in your car!

  • What's in the box?

    • 1x Pure Air Pod 1 
    • 1x Power Supply / USB cable - 1.3 metre length!

    • 1x Instruction Manual 

    • 1-Year Limited Warranty